WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by today. We believe that women are the heart of the home. Uniquely created and positioned by God, no one can touch the heart of another like a woman. Together Melanie and Alisa offer inspiration and encouragement to women to pursue their potential, develop their creativity and embrace their place as the heart of the home.


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Melanie Dorsey

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Life sessions consist of in-depth Bible teaching and speak to the spirit of a woman. Style sessions target a woman's heart through enhancing her home, her family and herself. Life and Style By God's Design offers real-life solutions for today's woman and home.
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We believe the woman is the heart of the home and the home centers the family. Inspired women change homes. Changed homes inspire and influence nations.
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Life & Style Sessions
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Discover Your Design

In Discover Your Design for Life, Melanie helps you understand “why you say what you say and do what you do” by identifying your personality type and motivational gifts.
Melanie coaches you in how to live in your strength zone while getting real about your weaknesses.

Every family has a unique personality and every home should, too. In Discover Your Design for Style, Alisa helps you identify your design & décor personality. As she coaches you in the tips and tricks of do-able décor, you’ll be inspired to create your own beautiful haven in the midst of a busy world.
EVEry Woman Influences

From Eve to every woman, we feminine creatures are uniquely designed with relationship in mind. Melanie believes a woman’s influence is found in her relationships. Take a page from the lives of the most influential women of the Bible and discover how you can influence others for good!
Style File

Who says modest and modern don’t mix? Learn what to wear to accentuate the positive. And while you may not be able to eliminate the negative, you can learn how to camouflage it! Style coach, Alisa, helps you put your best fashion foot forward.
Inspired Living

As the heart of your home, you are uniquely positioned to inspire your family to put God first and prefer others. Catch the call to create an environment in which the biblical principles of hospitality are a delight rather than a dread. Discover inspiring ways to minister to the practical and relational needs of others.
Guard Your Heart

"Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life." To keep is to guard, protect and maintain. Got some issues? Learn the “art” to guarding your “heart” and keep yours healthy, happy and whole!
Noble Things

So what do you think? Are your thoughts centered on what is true, noble and lovely? Philippians 4:8 instructs us to meditate on those things which are of value and praiseworthy. Alisa and Melanie, your Life & Style Coaches, are always on the lookout for the good stuff! And that’s a noble thing.

Melanie and Alisa are available for Women's Conferences, Retreats, and Single-day Women's Ministry events. For booking information contact them at:

April 20th, Alisa and Melanie were guests of the Christian Television Network program, HomeKeepers with host Arthelene Rippy. Alisa featured a casual spring tablescape while Melanie prepared Vineyard Chicken Salad, the perfect accompaniment for alfresco hospitality. Together Melanie and Alisa offer inspiration and encouragement to women to pursue their potential, develop their creativity and embrace their place as the heart of the home.
Life Lines "Know Yourself"
Do you know who you are? If you are a born again believer in Christ, then you know whose you are, but do you really know who you are?
Knowing your personality type, for example, is helpful in understanding why you say what you say and do what you do. There are four basic personality types which were observed and recorded by Hippocrates (450 B.C.): choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholy. I like the terms attributed to each by Florence Littauer: choleric – “power,”
sanguine – “popular,” phlegmatic – “peaceful” and melancholy – “perfect.”
While these basic types help our understanding of personalities, they should not be used to pigeon-hole yourself nor anyone you know. Most people are a mix of the types with one being dominant.

Another aspect of who you are is the spiritual gift or motivational gift in which God has endued you. These can be found in Romans 12:6-8.
You also have a love language which is how you prefer to receive love and how you most likely extend love.
And then there is your birth order. Did you know most presidents have been first borns while most politicians are middle children and the majority of successful sales people are the baby of the family?

While you may know another person who shares your dominant personality type, has a similar motivational gift and is in the same birth order as you, that person will not be a replica of you! You are unique. And no one can do a better job at being you than you!
So, be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. You’ll be happier for it and so will everyone who knows you.
(From the Life & Style topic, Discover Your Design by Melanie Dorsey.)