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Life Lines ~ "A Woman's Woman"

"A Woman's Woman"

(from Melanie's Life topic "EVEry Woman Influences")

Sometimes our influence is felt more by what we don't say, what we don't do. In my role, I have often been a listening ear to those who would unburden themselves. I consider that a high and holy privilege. When someone chooses to be vulnerable and confide in you, it is of utmost importance that you discipline yourself to hold that confidence in trust.

You've heard the phrase, "a man's man." It's often used to describe the kind of man other men enjoy being around.

I want to be "a woman's woman." The kind of woman who protects and covers the "sisters." The kind of woman who keeps confidences close to the heart. The kind of woman who refuses to participate in gossip, foolish talk and vulgarities.

When you build up, refusing to knock down (no matter how subtly) you are a "woman's woman." When you encourage the giftings and abilities of other women, you are a "woman's woman." When you share good news, good opportunities, a good shoe sale or a good recipe, you are a "woman's woman."

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