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Style File - Discover Your Design

I want my home to be nice. I want it to be comfortable but most of all I want it to reflect who I am and what's important to me. In other words - I want my home to reflect my personal style. For many of us ladies, we struggle to define our personal style. I know that I find myself frequently falling in love with several different styles, colors and trends. My husband tells me that my favorite color is the one I'm having painted on the wall at that moment usually by him. LOL! Oh, there is some truth to that statement! I believe our homes should be a haven. What defines that haven for you will be different than what defines that for me.

To help you in discovering your design, I will outline 5 decor styles that I present in my Style Session - Discover Your Design.

  • Classic - Your look is clearly traditional. You are inspired by historic homes and European aesthetics. Chippendale, Queen Anne, and Empire-style furniture in rich wood tones like cherry and mahogany naturally draw you in. You appreciate the quality of fine furnishings and fill your home with family heirlooms and antiques. Timeless color schemes such as blue and white with splashes of yellow or spring green with pink warm the interiors of your home making it comfortable and personally yours.
  • Country or Cottage - You are drawn to comfortable spaces with timeless appeal. Your idea of the perfect room is well-worn furnishings that invite you to put your feet up! Your rooms aren't fussy or stuffy but warm, cozy and inviting. Preferred colors are rich cream, tan, combos like red, white and blue, and colors inspired by the great outdoors. Slipcovered or painted furniture is right up your alley.
  • Contemporary - Open interiors and carefully edited surroundings speak to you. Unlike the classic style that finds beauty in layers of color and pattern, you crave sleek lines and simple profiles. Large doses of white (and every variation thereof) is liberally applied to walls. You add color by displaying important pieces of art or photography. Paintings are usually simple but sophisticated. Furniture is functional and clean. Every item has a purpose and every item has a place.
  • Chic - You've got style and you like to show it! The lastest fashions find there way to your closet and the most up to date home decor finds its way to your rooms. Just like the Little Black Dress is your choice time after time, you like to start with the basics - a classic sofa that can be jazzed up on a whim with the trendiest shades of decorative pillows or throws - then add show-stopping accessories. You're not afraid of color and you take your cues from the fashion runway. You have a natural eye for mixing and matching. You know where to spend your money and where to invest in timeless style.
  • Cultural - You love stylish spaces that overflow with exotic collections. You are drawn to far away places and love to travel or learn about the cultures of countries around the world. You choose colors that lean toward spicy, sophisticated tones, such as red, yellow, orange and brown. Earthy colors and ethnic accents define your personal style.

God has uniquely positioned us ladies to provide for our family's comfort and home life. We instinctively want to add color, softness and beauty to our surroundings. If you are interested in Discovering Your Design, I'd love to hear from you. E-mail me at MyLifeandStyle@aol.com with your questions or comments. To learn more about Life and Style by God's Design, follow the link.

Happy Decorating!


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'Looks like the Style File was a great success at Carmel Baptist!