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Style File - How to Edit

In my last post I listed the basics that every stylish woman has in common. Today, I want to deal with the practical fundamentals of editing your wardrobe. Do you ever spontaneously make a purchase only to get the item home and decide it looks terrible on you? This use to happen to me all the time. So, I made a self rule to never buy anything unless I first try it on at the store. Well, that helped but I was still finding myself growing a collection of garmets that just didn't fit my style, my shape or my taste.

Learning to EDIT is the most important basic when it comes to your wardrobe. Us ladies know when something looks good on us. We feel pretty, confident, comfortable and pulled together. On the other hand, when we wear something that doesn't make us feel this way, then we are self-conscience, uncomfortable and unsure. Let's face it - when we look our best, we feel our best. The last thing I want to be concerned with is what I am wearing!
I bet your closet is bursting at the seams, but how many items in there do you wear? How many of the outfits in your closet actually make you feel good? How many times have you opened your closet, gazed inside and said "I have nothing to wear"! If your schedule is as hectic as mine, then the last thing you want to waste time on, is pulling together an outfit only to decide, you have to change. Do yourself a favor - EDIT YOUR CLOSET! Then edit your shopping habits.
Rule #1 - Throw out what you don't wear and what doesn't look good on you. Okay, don't throw it away, just give it to a charity. Pick a weekend and go through every garment hanging in your closet. Try it on. Does it fit you? Does it make you feel pretty? Do you look your best? If not, toss it in the Goodwill box. If so, keep it. Don't hang on to ANYTHING you haven't worn in a year or longer. And DON'T keep any clothing for sentimental reasons (except your wedding dress and put that in storage). Be ruthless when you edit. Don't clutter your closet with items that you think are beautiful but you never wear. Pass them on to someone who will actually get some use out of them. Make your self a deal - for every 20 pieces you give away, you get to buy 1 piece that makes you look your best.
Rule #2 - Buy the right size and don't pay attention to size labels. If you are a size 10, don't buy an 8. Never buy clothes because you plan to diet and lose weight. Many designers and manufacturers of clothing use different cuts and patterns thus giving us different "fits". I have everything from a size 6 to a size 10 in my closet that I currently wear. The fit is the key. I would much rather buy the size that flatters, than to buy a size because of a number on the label.
Rule #3 - Don't buy something just because it's a good deal or it's on sale. If you pay $80 for something that was originally $300, you haven't saved money or scored a deal unless you actually wear it! If it hangs in your closet, you just wasted $80! I love to shop sales and clearance. My motto is NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! But, when shopping sales, apply the same strict editing to what you buy as you use for editing your closet.
Rule #4 - Don't buy something just because it's the trend. If it doesn't look good on you, pass it up! Let someone else sport that trend - you wear only those things that make you look your best! Don't worry if it's the hottest, latest styles. Wear what suits you. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, pulled together and pretty.
I have always been a "girly" girl. Shoes, bags, accessories - it was like working a puzzle. I soon found myself overwhelmed with choices and more than my closet could hold. I also found that having an over abundance of choices makes choosing very difficult. I noticed that I kept reaching for the same few pieces. It finally occured to me that I needed to discard what I didn't wear and keep only those items that I loved and that flatterd. Once you have edited what you have, and kept what you love, you will actually enjoy putting together variations of your favorite pieces. Getting dressed will be fun once again. As you grow more confident with editing and what works for you, you will develop a natural instinct for fashion. Think of the time and money you will save. Now you are ready to set the date, attack your closet and begin your new life of building a fabulous foundation of fashion favorites. Have fun!
Happy Editing!


Deanna said...

These are great suggestions.
A editting I shall go!

God Bless,
from HomeHaven nestled in the Kansas Flinthills

The Green Pea said...

How wonderful to find your blog, may God bless you for your blog that glorifies Him. You have inspired me. God Bless you, Sandi

Maime said...

Great! I just did what you said today. I spent the better part of the morning going through my closet and getting rid of everything I don't ware. It felt wonderful! Now I must restock with items that are suited for me. Thanks for the tip on size. I tend to not make the purchase just because of the numbers inside. Keep sharing, you inspire,